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Is the Pool heated?

For your comfort our pool is heated to 33+ degrees.

How can I pay for the lessons?

You can pay in person to the front desk or via direct deposit.

Only cash payments can be accepted as we do not have an EFTPOS facility.

Can I pay weekly for my lessons?

No. All fees for swimming lessons are due in advance at the start of the term or the start of commencing lessons. This ensures that your place is secured for the whole term.

What if we are going on holidays during the term?

Students who plan on being absent from lessons for a prolonged period (i.e. six (6) weeks or more) and require their postion in class to be held are required to pay a $9.00 "non-attendance" fee for each lesson missed.


If my child is sick, can I make up a class?

Swim Stars Swim School Pty Ltd can offer compensation classes under certain circumstances. A phone call, text or email is required if your child will not be attending class/es and you will be considered for a compensation class - this may help provide another child with a compensation class in in your absence. (Fee reduction or refunds will not be given for classes missed)

Do you have change room facilities available?

Yes there are both male and female facilities which we share with members of the gym.

Change room etiquette - Parents who use the change room with older children (especially those of the opposite sex) please be mindful of protecting your child's privacy.

As we share these facilities with gym members, please be mindful of others and ensure the change rooms are left clean and tidy.

Cancelled classes

In the event of Plant Room breakdowns or similar, which are beyond the control of Swim Stars Swim School Pty Ltd - we will endeavour to provide a compensation class. If time does not permit a make-up class, the Management may offer a credit or refund in lieu of the cancelled class.

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