The Swim Stars Swim School philosophy is to form a caring relationship with each student and their families. By treating each child as an individual and endeavouring to meet the needs of each student, we have created our own distinctive swim programs. We also believe that if a group of students is working well together, then we will endeavour to keep the group together each term.




Adult classes are not being offered at this time.

Our parent and baby classes are for infants from the age of 4 months.

These classes are designed to help with water familiarisation, learning the basics such as kicking, blowing bubbles and water safety.


Starting from around the age of 3+ without a parent in the water - these classes can start from the basics of blowing bubbles and floating and work all the way through the strokes as your child gains confidence and progresses.

Our school age program can accomodate children from beginners all the way through to competent swimmers.

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